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Pregnancy and Detox

One of the great things about sending us questions is that it gives us an opportunity to not only answer you, but also to share the answer with many who might be wondering the same things!  I’d like to share with you an important question I received and our reply concerning pregnancy and detox.

Last week I found out that I am pregnant, and I am not sure that it is safe to continue
[the detox program].  All of my supplements say not to take if pregnant.  What should I do?

Hi Chrystal,

Congratulations on your pregnancy.

You’ve given your baby a good start by cleaning up your diet and providing a rich source of nutrition during the program so far.

While intense cleansing is not recommended during pregnancy, there are many principles and practices of the 6-week detox that you can continue and that will help you to deliver a healthy baby.

Here are some guidelines:

1-      Avoid undereating.  Now’s not the time to drop unwanted pounds.

2-      Avoid intense cleanse days – juice  or water fasts are not a good idea during pregnancy, but continuing to drink lots of fresh veggie juice and green smoothies  is a great way to provide nutrition for your baby and for you.

3-      Avoid strong detox herbs and supplements and anything that stimulates intestinal movement —i.e. intestinal movement, intestinal draw.  I’ve listed all the things to stop down below.

4-      Use the general menu guidelines and supplement your diet with slightly more fat – i.e. larger servings of chia, hemp seeds, pumpkin seeds (excellent due to your higher need for zinc), along with soaked almonds, avocado, and coconut – this will slow the detox and provide fuel for your growing baby.  Limit yourself to only one smoothie as one of your meals per day, unless you have nausea or indigestion, so that you keep up your calorie needs.

5-      Continue to exercise, engage in emotional detox, stay hydrated, and eat lots of greens.

Here are the things that are safe to continue:

1-      Smoothies

2-      Juices

3-      The “foods to avoid” list

4-      The “foods that enhance detox” list  – the actual foods available in the grocery store..not things like licorice

5-      Slippery elm

6-      Vitamineral green

7-      Blue green algae

8-      Sun warrior or warrior food  protein powder

9-      Glutamine

10-    Probiotics

11-     Enzymes

12-    Marshmallow

13-    Chia and all the rest of the omega 3 fats

14-    Spirulina

15-    Chlorella

16-    Quercitin

17-    Pomegranate or any other fruit powders

Herbs and culinary herbs in the 6-week detox HELPFUL during pregnancy, especially during the early stages:

1-      Burdock Root – has a high concentration of vitamins and minerals and is a liver booster

2-      Chamomile – lifts the spirits and calms the nerves, used for digestive disorders during pregnancy, is combined with ginger to help morning sickness, and has a high calcium content as well as an anti-inflammatory aid

3-      Dandelion – greens and root – a high source of vitamins and minerals, aids digestion, nourishes and tones the system, diuretic, useful for fatigue and exhaustion, liver booster

4-      Ginger Root – used for morning sickness and digestive problems, safe during pregnancy for treating colds, sore throats, and congestion

5-      Kelp – high in vitamins and minerals, aids thyroid

6-      Nettle Leaf – rich in many vitamins and minerals, especially iron, so it is very useful for those suffering from chronic fatigue and exhaustion due to low iron, aids in enriching and stimulating flow of milk; good for use throughout all stages of the pregnancy

7-      Spirulina – high in vitamins and nutrients

Things to stop:

1-      Intestinal draw

2-      Intestinal movement

3-      Parasite cleanse

4-      Earth

5-      Ultraclear products

6-      Aloe

7-      Any other intestinal stimulants

8-      Enemas

A general “Avoid during Pregnancy “ and “Limit”  list

We hope you feel comfortable moving forward on a stable and healthy path as you enjoy the excitement of your pregnancy!

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