Detoxification and Raw Foods: Be Sure to Add Some Fun

by Dr. Ritamarie Loscalzo, MS, DC, CCN, DACBN

Detoxing and Fun.  Now that’s a novel approach.  Many people doing the six week deep tissue detox with us think of detoxing as a painful and uncomfortable experience.  Bring on the headaches.  Stay near the toilet.   Yet it really doesn’t have to be that way.

We actually have a fun component build into the six week detox program.  Each day we’re guided to choose one fun thing to do.  Having fun promotes health as much as good food, fresh air and sunshine.  Fun is not only an important ingredient in successful detoxification, it’s a necessary one.

Studies have confirmed that people who regularly attended concerts, theater, art and other cultural events for pleasure were almost two and a half times more likely to be alive nine years later than those who rarely attended such events.   Laughter is now used by hospitals as part of cancer therapy.  One study compared people’s responses on a questionnaire they called the Pleasure and Well-being Inventory (PWI) questionnaire to their health 20 years later.

Those who scored higher on the pleasure score were healthier 20 years later than those who scored lower. The relationship between PWI score and percentage alive and without chronic disease was nearly linear.  People  scored 2 or less on the PWI were alive and well 20 years later.

This coming week’s action plan for the six week detox includes filling out a fun inventory and adding fun to each day, even of only  for 5 minutes.  Try it– really truly do it and watch miracles happen.

I’ve been having fun with this detox.  Started out with the “shoulds” in control…telling me that Option 3 was the way to go.  Of course quarts of green juice and green smoothies, lots of sprouts and salads and of course wheat grass juice sounds like the prescription for successful detox.  Then reality took hold.  I know that with my life the way it is right now, taking 2-3 hours a day for juicing and sprouting would take away time from the other important aspects of my detox…like exercise, sleep, family and fun!

So I decided to do option 2, and include fresh juices whenever it’s convenient.  It’s working really well for me.  I really love the simplicity of putting a few powders in a jar and shaking it up.  It suits my lifestyle right now, even thought I intellectually prefer the whole fresh approach .

I’m having fun with the powders.  I even prepared a little video about it.   I wrote a blog post with recipes last night and my computer decided to boot itself and I couldn’t save it in time.   I promise it will get posted as early as I can tomorrow.  For now it’s time to get my detox sleep.

Love, Health and Joy,
(the secret ingredients to vibrance and longevity!!!!!)

Dr. Ritamarie

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  1. admin

    January 25th, 2010 at 9:24 pm


    there is a synergistic effect between the omega 3 sources like chia and the coconut. When taken together they result in a 10 fold increase in the conversion from the short chain fats to long chain EPA. You can eat the chia and then have the coconut rather than mixing if you prefer.

  2. Annie

    January 25th, 2010 at 2:11 pm


    The comments are closed on the “Detoxing and Healing Leaky Gut…” blog, so I’m posting my question here…

    I know you recommended adding coconut to our salads instead of our smoothies…what about just taking it straight? I use Artisana’s Coconut Butter (not oil). It isn’t as refined as the oil, and I find it easier to get down if I just take it by itself.

    Alternatively, is it ok to double our chia intake and eliminate the coconut, or is it important to use both?

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