Detox Q & A: Leaky Gut and Toxemia

Q: “Is there a connection between leaky-gut and toxemia (or pregnancy-induced hypertension)? It seems to me that these two may be related and healing the one (leaky gut) may prevent the other.”


A: While I’ve never seen any published studies linking leaky gut to toxemia of pregnancy, or even non pregnancy hypertension (high blood pressure), it is plausible that there is a connection.
Since leaky gut contributes to wide spread nutrient imbalances and allows toxins destined for excretion to enter the blood stream, leaky gut can very well contribute to blood pressure elevations as a result of mineral imbalances, holding onto fluids to dilute toxins or any of a number of other mechanisms

I’ve put people on detoxification programs and leaky gut repair protocols and seen hypertension go away.  I haven’t had enough cases of toxemia of pregnancy to be able to quote actual clinical cases.

Dr Ritamarie

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