Eating for Detox: The Power of the Daikon  Radish

Contributed By Valerie Kliewer

Daikon_radishThe Daikon radish is one of the best vegetables in the arsenal against the many ailments of excess.  It has the amazing ability to help cut through and clean out mucus conditions brought on by the over consumption of animal products.

Though often passed over for more familiar roots such as carrots or beets, this powerful tuber should not be overlooked. Originating in East Asia and shaped like a very large white carrot or in some varieties like a large round turnip, the daikon radish is a smart choice for fall dining.

During the flu season, it is wise to include immune boasting, mucus busting radishes to your daily diet. Laryngitis and sinusitis are both eased by the juice of radishes.

With a cooling thermal nature and a milder flavor than smaller radishes, the detoxing and fat grabbing capability of these long white tubers can’t be beat.  Soothe headaches and encourage digestion by adding alkalizing radishes to your diet.  Chinese medicine uses radishes to nourish the gallbladder and the liver.

Paul Pitchford in his book Healing with Whole Foods suggests using a tablespoon of radishes daily for several weeks for gallstones and kidney and bladder stones. He cautions against the use of radishes for those who have deficient or cold conditions.

Consume radishes by juicing, grating onto salads, or by trying the delicious raw recipes that follow.

**Valerie Kliewer is a food writer passionate about the healing power of foods. She specializes in helping those with vitiligo find healing. She can often be found in the produce department of Whole Foods replacing Paul Simon’s lyrics “I got a Nikon camera” with “I got a daikon radish.”   Listen for her and buy a bunch of daikons today.

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    August 26th, 2011 at 1:56 pm


    I enjoyed the post. Thank you :-) I suggest doing acupressure

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