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Health and Healing: Changing Lives through Daily Choices

Tera Warner

Last week, I met a woman who had given up on her health.

After 19 years of struggling with Crohn’s disease and being told to eat more white rice and drink more milk, she was sick and tired of being sick and tired. She paid big bucks to be seen by the “top” doctor for Crohn’s in the city. He told her to avoid fiber, eat white bread and cheese. She took immune-suppressing drugs and went to the bathroom more times in one day than most of us go in a week. When she heard about me, she figured it would be another fruitless encounter with promise, but no possibility.

She was wrong.

I’ll tell you what happened in a minute, but first I want to let you know that one of the biggest reasons I do what I do, is because when I walk in the street and see people plagued by illnesses that do NOT need to exist in the first place, I ache inside.

I want to DO something, CHANGE something, SAY something loud enough that people will hear it and wake up to the fact that life is not always as it appears.

People are told their illnesses are “genetic” or “hereditary” and that there’s nothing they can do so, “Line up at the counter and pop another pill, Jack!”

I’m not saying genetics don’t play a role in health, I’m just saying you shouldn’t sublimate your health to someone else’s opinion that you can’t do anything about it.

You CAN do something about it! You can ALWAYS do something about it.

There ARE solutions, and chances are they are simple, easy and right under the tip of your nose. But don’t give up on trying to find them, just because you’ve bumped into a few posts along your path. Keep going. Keep looking.

You’ll find them.

Lies require layers of elaborate explanations. They are complicated things.

Truth is simple. It just works. It makes sense.

People accept pain, discomfort, illness and fatigue as a part of their every day lives. It’s not “true” that life has to be this way. There are solutions and YOU can do something about it, whatever “it” is!

Heard any of these names circulating around your local “coffee shop”?

-Weight gain
-Water retention
-Brain fog
-Mood disorders
-Leaky gut syndrome
-Thyroid and hormonal imbalances.

I have seen, heard stories and received countless letters by people who have overcome ALL of these conditions and a whole lot more as a result of ONE THING.

But that one thing is so misunderstood, so mystified, and so couched in confusion, that my dear friend and superhero Dr. Ritamarie Loscalzo and I are going to set the record straight in a series of 4 teleseminars happening throughout the month of November.

ANYONE you know who suffers from ANY of the above conditions needs to be on these calls.

—> FREE teleseminar series

You don’t have to pay a dime. You just have to invest some time, hope and a willingness to learn while Dr. Ritamarie and I get up on our soap boxes and share some things that we KNOW will change the lives of anyone who hears it.

Everyone is invited. It doesn’t matter how sick, fat, tired you feel, there is SOMETHING in these calls that could turn your life around, so sign up and tune in. The calls are starting this Thursday:

—> FREE teleseminar series

It doesn’t take more than your name and email address.

We won’t chase you down to sell vacuum parts. We just want you to help us help the world. If you know anyone who is suffering with ANY of those conditions, or if someone came to mind while you read this letter, then send this to them.

I don’t know what it’s going to take to make this world the place I KNOW it can be, but I’m going to be frizzy- haired and frazzled at the end of my days for having done my best to make it happen.

I appreciate your help in getting this information out there. My megaphone can reach a lot farther with your help.

Thanks for listening and spreading this around.

It means a lot.

Love and red-headed determination,



By the way, the calls will be recorded, so if you can’t attend the live version, we’ll make the recording available for you. All you have to do is sign up, we’ll send you the details right away.

FREE teleseminar series


Oh my! I almost forgot to tell you about the woman that I met last week. I gave her a whole list of foods I thought would help her and some suggestions based on the people I’ve seen overcome the condition.

24-hours later, she was a COMPLETELY different person.
She said she’d not felt so much hope, so much health in almost 20 years. She wept at the fact that a perfect stranger seemed to have the solutions and offered them for free, when NO ONE else, not even the most highly paid doctors had any idea what to do.

Kinda puts things into perspective, doesn’t it.

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